Bar Noroeste

Welcome to Bar Noroeste.

A restaurant where the taco is seen through eyes in a multi-climatic corner of the world. From behind temperate rainforests and intricate waterways, across peninsulas and desert-like climates…there is no need to import anything when some of the world’s most unexplored and beautiful gems reside here.

A journey through what is at its highest peak in freshness from the Pacific Northwest, in the comfortable, approachable style of tacos, house-made salsas, crudos, ceviches, “guacamole” with a sense of place, tortillas made in the traditional sense with native grains, a chocolate pinecone smashed on your table to reveal house made confections, and a daily selection of locally sourced menu items presented with finesse and a refined approach.

We cater the experience of each guest, by way of a customized menu to suit every time of day. From lunches to happy hour snacks and drinks, to a guided dinner and late night bites.

It all revolves around the question posed by our chefs: What if the “Taco” originated in the Pacific Northwest?



   2051 7th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121



   Bar Noroeste


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